Updated gitea

I just updated our gitea instance from version 1.16.1 to 1.16.8. Not a big change, nothing seems broken/massively changed.

Have a nice day,


Renewed qwik.space

After some thinking I did renew qwik.space -- I wondered if it was worth it or not. Now y'all will be getting at least one more year of qwik.space.

Update: Actual spookiness

(I know it was long ago since the last update on the SSH spookiness...) It still doesn't work though -- I believe it might be some weird bug or something I've missed in my config...

If anyone knows anything, please let me know! 🙏

Cheers, BurnyLlama

Update: Actual spookiness

Turns out RSA keys have just been deprecated in open ssh.

The fix was to generate new keys. (ED25519)

It is a pain in the ass to make sure they are properly set up on all my machines now... I have probably missed som places...

Actual spookiness

I can't SSH to my machine anymore due to a public key error. Seems spooky as balls... hope I am not hacked? Lol?

Anyways -- time to clear my ssh keys or fix them or something... I think I am soon out of here...

musl vs glibc

The actual state of Linux is that shit depends on speical GNU features in glibc. So using something like musl is really bloody difficult -- if not almost impossible.

Apparently AppImages don't even work on musl, even if their slogan is:

Linux apps that run anywhere

I actaully feel so bullshitted. It should be:

Linux apps that run on (the correct version of) glibc.

It doesn't run anywhere. It doesn't run on musl! They also mention:

Download an application, make it executable, and run! No need to install. No system libraries or system preferences are altered. Can also run in a sandbox like Firejail

Which also seems like a blatant lie -- maybe not lie, but false information...

It is not an unknown issue either...]

So yeah... Nice thing that I might have to distrohop because shit depends on non-standard features. A libc-implementation should only provide a C library. Other features would go in other libraries!


National tests...

How comfy wouldn't it be to get a solid eight pages of preparation material, and have no idea what it will prepare you for? It is just texts and some questions...

I at least know it is the writing part, but still... It is probably "write a news article for this news paper" or whatever...

Anyways, don't even get me started on the hearing national tests that are actually made to purposefully mislead you into selection wrong answers on a multiple choice test...

For context: national tests are standardised tests in Sweden and I kinda think they provide more problems than good. (Aka stress the students and so on...)

Blog paradigm...

Right now I have no (convenient) way of editing or removing posts... (As in via the web interface...)

In one way I like that: it makes me forced to live with mistakes I make. However, on the other hand, I would also like to correct myself. Although that is very doable by just sending a new post...

I also have plans to implement perma-links to posts, which means that I would be able to more easily reference other posts.

I should also paginate posts. I don't think it is a great idea to serve one hundred posts on the homepage, once I inevitably get to that amount... Also searching for posts would be nice... It is somewhat easy to implement, it would just take time...


This bloody piece of shit made me very angry and frustrated with all of its bullshit, but now finally it is here!

I will unironically try to blog... We'll se how that goes... rolling_eyes